Event Information

Guidelines for Events

Floor Plans 

The Floor plan for your event will be generated when your guaranteed number of guests is confirmed. The final number of guest tables depends on your final guarantee. Your final floor plan, with a guaranteed number of guests, must be submitted to the General manager no later than 14 days prior to your event.

The floor plan is to include:

  • Final number of guests including the head table (all children need to be included)
  • The number of guests at each table 
  • Table numbers should be clear. The Roma Club can provide numbers and stands, but does not provide place cards or table menus 
  • Indicate the placement of highchairs or booster-seats at each desired table 
  • Indicate the location of special meals at each table (e.g. Vegan, gluten-free, allergies…)
  • Indicate the location of specialty tables (e.g. dessert table(s), gift table, DJ/Band,Vendors…) 


Children 4 years of age and under are No Charge. 

Children 5 – 12 years of age will be charged 60% of the meal price stated on the contract.

Linens & Napkins 

Included in your menu price are white linen tablecloths and white linen napkins. Coloured linen is available for $3.00/Tablecloth and $0.50/Napkin plus applicable taxes. You can discuss colour selection with the Roma Club General Manager or Supervisor.

Skirting / Staging 

Platforms to raise head tables may be purchased for a fee of $20/2 persons. 

All prices are subject to applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change.

Beverage Service

Bar Permit

The host of the function must apply for an LCBO Special Occasion Permit. The beer, liquor, wine and approved LCBO Special Occasions Permit must be submitted to the club at least 48 hours prior to the event. The Roma Club will provide all glasses, soft drinks, juices, mixes, and condiments needed for a $7.95 per person fee. A bartender fee of $125 per bartender will be charged.

Open Bar 

This option allows The Roma Club to supply the host all beverages under our license. The host will then be charged for the consumption of beverages and a bartending fee of $125 per bartender. The host must provide this at no charge to their guests.

Cash Bar

This option allows the host’s guests to purchase their own beverages during the event. The Roma Club will supply everything needed to operate a full bar. A bartending fee of $125 per bartender will be charged.

Champagne or Wine Service 

If you would like to have Champagne, the corkage fee is $1.00 per person along with a rental fee for the champagne glasses of $0.50 per person. The corkage fee for wine is $1.00 per person; the wine glasses are included in your package.

The fee for wine is $15 per bottle; the wine glasees and included in your package.


All prices are subject to applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change.


Any music used throughout the event is subject to a SOCAN Fee and/or Resound Fee. SOCAN Fee is a tariff for using copyrighted live music. Re-sound Fee is a tariff applied for providing recorded copyrighted music or a DJ.

Venue DJ music w/ dancing DJ music no dancing  Live music w/ dancing Live music no dancing 
Full Hall $187.91 $93.95 $132.39 $66.19
Pavilion or Half Hall $90.12 $45.02 $63.49 $31.72
Members/ Bar Lounge $62.64 $31.31 $44.13 $22.06


Coat Check

By request with applicable fees. Must be requested 14 days prior to the event.