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About Us

The Roma Club of Leamington is dedicated to promoting the Italian heritage and culture of all our members and their families. To this end, the club hosts many Italian Festival events throughout the year and encourages members to attend these functions. We are proud of our history as well as the contributions that our members have made to the local communities since our first ancestors settled in the area in the early 1900s. Members of the Roma Club take pride in this rich history and are heavily involved in the club’s operations and its involvement in the community.

Annual Membership Dues are $100 and are due no later than March 31st of each year (payable by cash, cheque, debit/credit, eTransfer, or PAD at the office or mailed to our address. Information on incentives for members is available from the management of the club or our website.

Our goal is to provide both members as well as non-members and their family and friends with a truly enjoyable experience each and every time they attend the club. Whether it is for Thursday Pasta Nights, lunch or dinner menu, wood oven pizza & salads, catering or family-style banquets, we regard the quality of the meal that we serve as paramount. We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing members with the ultimate banquet hall and dining experience, dutifully carried out by our experienced kitchen staff. Regardless of the type of event, from special wedding days to your important business meetings, we encourage you to impress your guests by having your function with us. Please call our office at 519-326-9539 to discuss hosting your events at the Roma Club of Leamington. We look forward to serving you!


Board Of Directors

Ron Ricci


Rick Mastronardi


Andrea Ricci

Recording Secretary

Cathy Mucci

Multimedia Marketing Chair

Carmelo Digrandi


Anthony Barraco


Jerry Gualtieri


Albert Mastronardi


Ricky Policella


Jennifer Colasanti


Leadership Team

Erica S Sampson

General Manager

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